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Re: [Live-foods] Grindal worms

I lost my cultures when a raccoon invaded my laundry room and trashed all  my 
live food cultures, (Grindals, whites, micros, and fruit flies), what a mess, 
 not worth trying to salvage.  Up til then I had great success with peat and  
lime from the home depot.  I kept cultures in zip loc containers, and aired  
them each day.  I mixed a lot of medium and used a shoebox as a  measure.  
Mixing a  shoebox of damp peat with 2 good palmfuls of  garden lime. I packaged 
the mixture in zip loc bags for use later.  That  way, I just used one of the 
bags of premixed medium when I wanted to start a new  culture instead of having 
to go through the mess of mixing small batches.   I'll order the grindals 
from LFS.  Thanks
Carol   < ' )))><

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