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[Live-foods] OT probably - daphnia pond legal situation

I have had a daphnia pond on the side of my front porch for the last two or  
three years.  It is about 80 gallons and is above ground.  I've  cultured it 
with old aquarium water and calcium and fed the daphnia.  The  culture was 
thriving.  There was a solid mat of duck weed on the  surface.  
In August I had the roof replaced.  The Mexican crew removed three  layers of 
roofing, tore off the deteriorated decking and replaced the decking  and 
roofing.  By coincidence, the worst part of the whole house was the 10'  section 
right above the pond.  They were rough but did a fine job on the  roof.  They 
dropped some old shingles and decking in the pond which I  removed.  Nothing 
Yesterday the gutter guy put up new gutters.  The old gutters were  gone on 
that side of the house, all he had to do was install new ones and put  the 
screen on top.  Since the ladders would be at an angle anyway, there is  no reason 
the pond should have been in the way.  
The short story is he claims he fell in the pond and decided to empty it  and 
move it.  He stated that he thought is was just full of rain  water.  I had 
not checked that side of the home and he was the one who  brought it up to me 
on the phone this morning.  I have since found  neighbors who witnessed him 
doing it.  
The pond is dry as a bone.  The culture is destroyed and the algae  growing 
on the sides is dried.  
Frankly, I am upset and am trying to put this in to perspective.  I  want to 
decide what the damages are and decide a course of action.  I am  not paying 
him until I sort this out.  I see no justification for him  moving the pond at 
all.  Everyone's thoughts and opinions are  welcome.  
Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana   USA

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