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Removing springtails

Gay, I accidentally removed mites and springtails from an earthworm culture that was below a fish tank that developed a crack while I was at work. For a few hours, the culture was inundated and overflowing. I drained out the water and tipped the culture tank so that water would drain to the lowest corner and piled up the dirt on the high side. After this adventure, the mites and springtails did not return. White worms are a lot smaller than earthworms, so I don't know if they could last as long, however I have spotted white worms missed by the fish that are still moving around in the aquarium a couple hours after feeding. If the water added to the culture is flowing and running over the top, it would be providing a little circulation that ought to prolong their ability to be submerged. I'm sure a more controlled method of doing this than mine could be devised.
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