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Re: Live Foods Digest V4 #26

> Subject: Brine shrimp and salinity
> Hi guys, a few questions RE the recent discussion on brine shrimp raising.
> Doing it in buckets of salt water without any other help was an
interesting one... How large were the buckets? Did you have any problems
with evaporation increasing the salinity of the water? What was the density
of the shrimp in the buckets?
> On the topic of salinity, I would like to hatch shrimp soon. Can someone
recommend the amount of salt in grams i should add to a litre of water?

I use 5 gallon buckets...empty salt buckets.  The white buckets seem to do
better than any other colour (ie: home depot's orange buckets) perhaps
because they reflect the sunlight and make better greenwater.  Both are
food-grade plastic.  Salinity does go up and down...with evap and rain.  I
do try to remember to top off with RO water from time to time but honestly
I'm pretty dilinquent with that.  Density varies, I've got all kinds of
brine at all different sizes of the life cycle, some carrying new cysts,
some joined together to mate, I use a larger mesh net to catch adults and
leave babies behind.  The density is never like in a commercial tub or LFS
tank...the culture would crash.

Hope this helps.