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Re: Hatching Artemia cysts

Hello Vincent,

The optimum salt comcentration depends on the source of the Artemia
cysts. There should be some directions on the packaging.

Cysts from the Great Salt Lake, UT will give a good hatch in the range
of 2.0-3.5% NaCl, pH 8.0-8.5. The exact "best" concentration depends on
your tap water. You just have to experiment.

For cysts from other sources, these parameters will give you a starting



> Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 01:31:55 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Vincent Chye <mtchye at perthmail_com>
> Subject: Brine shrimp and salinity
> Hi guys, a few questions RE the recent discussion on brine shrimp raising.
> Doing it in buckets of salt water without any other help was an interesting one... How large were the buckets? Did you have any problems with evaporation increasing the salinity of the water? What was the density of the shrimp in the buckets?
> On the topic of salinity, I would like to hatch shrimp soon. Can someone recommend the amount of salt in grams i should add to a litre of water?
> thanks
> vincent