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Re: Raising Daphnia - Flour and Yeast

To: Live-Foods at actwin_com
Subject: Re: Live Foods Digest V4 #18

I sorta agree with George. Feeding activated yeast and gram flour together 
gave almost overnight problems with white fungus like growth over the 
daphnia's carapace. I don't know about alcohol forming though. I learnt from 
Daniel McMonigle about deactivating the yeast. So now i add boiling water to 
the yeast first then top it up with cold water before feeding the daphnia. I 
still feed gram flour but less problem with dead yeast.
For the flour, I usually shake it up in a little enclosed container and then 
let it settle for about 5 mins. I only pour whatever is still suspended and 
throw away whatever is settled which can't be eaten by the daphnia anyway. 
This way I greatly minimized population from uneaten food.


From: George Slusarczuk <yurko at warwick_net>

Hello Matt,In my experience, most kinds of yeast are OK as Daphnia food. I 
used Fleischmann's dry activated yeast (dissolve it in water before
adding to the culture) without any problems.
The only reason that I can think of for not using activated yeast is if
you are also using FLOUR to feed your Daphnia. Yeast + flour will start
a fermentation, producing alcohol, that eventually will kill theDaphnia.
If you are going to experiment with different foods (i.e baby carrots,
etc.) first subdivide your Daphnia culture into two or more tanks, so
that if you overfeed and the culture crashes, you will have another
starter culture at hand.Best,George

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