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Re: Raising Daphnia - Flour and Alcohol

Matt said, in part:

"The only reason that I can think of for not using activated yeast is if
you are also using FLOUR to feed your Daphnia. Yeast + flour will start
a fermentation, producing alcohol, that eventually will kill the Daphnia."

Well, not in my experience.  I've been raising daphnia for at least 4 years 
on a soy flour - yeast mixture and it's worked great!  I've never had a 

Can you furnish a reference?  Yeast is a common ingredient in many foods.

I don't know much about the production of alcohol; I'm more at the consuming 
I do know that it is a chemically complex process, but it all seems to start 
with the fermentation of sugar.  To make it you need a lot of sugar or its 
equivalent, and I'm sure that the soy flour - yeast - daphnia water doesn't 
produce enough to cause any problems, if it produces any at all.

In my original post I said that the "how do I feed daphnia" question always 
seemed to produce controversy.  Well, ...

Good luck!