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Spring fever

Bill, your post made me smile.
Here in Kansas the last of last
week's ice storm is melting away.
I have a very old 10 gallon tank
setting on the floor of my south
facing plant room.     I noticed
it had dead leaves in it... and
dust and stuff.      So I poured
the change water from my
Krib tank into it last weekend.
Lots of Salvina and Duckweed
floating on top.      

This weekend  I noticed that my
new Daphnia culture had not
one moving creature in it....
I poured the container into
this 10 gallon tank.      

My Spring-tub fever experiment.

Bill-   I use big plastic tubs 
for my outdoor culturing.     A freeze
here would break these.

What are you using that you can
leave water-filled in winter?
And, what are your swimming
I have only found a few in my
summer tubs, buried in their
little mud tubes.   
I found that the local Petco is
carrying tubes filled with live
Fruit Flies.
I just love these....     
SHRIMP -    some of us
freshwater shrimp fans have
been concentrating on getting
Ghost Shrimp to reproduce in
the home tub/tank.      
Turns out to be easy....   one
woman has so many baby
shrimp she has to get rid of them.