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Re: Spring Fever (long)


The tubs I use are the 35 gallon plastic ones that I got at KMart several 
years ago.  They stay outdoors on the patio year 'round.  In cold winters 
they have been covered with at least 5 inches of ice with no ill effects.  
Your winters are probably more severe than ours, though.

The "essing" things are red and bloodworm size so I assume that's what they 
are.  I have the bloodworm tubes in the tubs (!) and I guess these guys just 
came out to enjoy the sun.  As you know, bloodworms are the larvae of a tiny 
midge.  I could never understand how such a relatively long worm could 
metamorphize into such a tiny fly, but obviously they do it.

I also raise daphnia indoors year 'round. in 35 gallon tubs under a 12 hour a 
day 40 watt bulb.  It works great.  My large kribs and angels love them.

Fruit flies are also easy to raise.  I did for a while, with the culture on 
top of the refrigerator.  I gave it up in part because some people didn't 
like the idea of maggots in the kitchen.  Hard to understand . . .  <g>

Good luck on your early spring experiments.  Summer's on the way.