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Re: Grindal worms

<< The objective is to set up a new culture by introducing only the worms into
 a new culture medium and not use any of the old medium  Is this possible and 
if so how do I separate the worms out ? >>


It is a pain if the worms are thinly spread.  

If you put the old culture into a pail of water and wait a bit, the worms
will sink to the bottom. You can pour off most of the mess and the worms will 
be left.  This might take several passes.

I'm told that if the culture is heated the worms will migrate to the surface. 
 If that works, it would cut down on the passes.

Another option is to buy a new culture.  They are inexpensive, and I'd think 
after a while, long-standing cultures would become inbred and
less productive.

Good luck!