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Re: Daphnia Observations

> Subject: Re: Daphnia Observations
> Hey Bill,
>   What do you do for water changes, if at all?  How often, do you
> change your water chemistry at all, etc.?
> Thanks
> J Miller
> Edmonton, AB

My dapnia magna are growing in the basement in 2 five gallon plastic iceing
buckets obtained from our local Walmart bakery.  Light is from a 26 watt
screw-in power compact flourescent bulb.  Water changes are 50% done once or
twice a week with water from my 29 gal live plant/tetra tank.  The
replacement water for the fish tank is treated with de-clor, but dilution
and ageing for a week seems to make the old water perfect for the dapnia.  I
feed 'em Tahitian blend from Brine shrimp direct 2-3 times a week.  I
harvest one swipe with the net from one bucket each day alternating back and

I also have 3 three litre cultures going in a SE facing window sill as a
protection against losing everything in a crash.  These sunlit cultures kick
butt and produce heavily.

All cultures have airline bubblers at the surface.  My water is about 7.75
ph at tap.

I'm looking for a less expensive feed for these critters.  I tried the
frozen pea/paprika/vitamin mix when I first started, but I seemed to foul
the water easily.  What do you all feed, and how much?

My $0.02,
Leonard B. Akers
Christiansburg, VA
37.177 N, -80.440E