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Re: Daphnia Observations

I noticed that my daphnia in shallow containers seem to do
better for me.  Those in shallow containers at the east
window are not aerated at all but they consistently
outproduce others.  They are the most trouble free batches I

But I am limited in space there so I am thinking about
moving some of my daphnia containers to my garage.  Being in
the Deep South (North Alabama) the things in my garage do
not freeze.  However, I suppose I need to throw in an
aquarium heater into the container to keep daphnia actively
growing since the night time temp sometimes drops rather
low.  I also need to hang a small shop light or one of those
PC light over the container to provide some light.  Can
someone give me advice on the wattage and the duration for
the light?  I guess incandescent light can give off enough
heat to do the lighting and heating but I am a bit afraid
that it can cook them, too, during a warm spell like we have
been having lately (the daytime temp in late November was
mostly in upper 70's.)