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white, stringy thing in water

Found this creature growing in my
outdoor tub.
Tub - empty of fish and plants,
getting ready for winter.     Then
3 inches of rain and some falling
Autumn leaves brought new 
aquatic life.     Mosquito Larvae,
happy to harvest them.
Found small white worm like
creatures all over the tank.
They are small as a very fine hair
and milky white.      Divided roughly
in half, when younger they 
looked like a soda drinking straw
that had been dipped halfway down
in a thick milkshake.
They front half was a tiny bit thicker
than the back half.    The skinnier
back half seemed to be move a
bit like a leech.      

Tonight - the creature have
really grown.     The larger
worms are about 2 inches long,
3/4 inches thick body, 1& 1/4
skinny tail.      THe tail looks like
a think trail of fish poop but it
still seems to move.     It
stretches itself to a fine point.
THe front part of the creature is
thicker now.      It looks like some
of the milky white color has formed
strands - like a teensy tiny netting
aroudn the creatures body.
It is soft to the touch.      It doesn't
seem to harm the Mosquito
Larvae/       I did notice 3 of them
on a sunken acorn.    It seemed
that were attached to it by the
skinny point of the thin  whip-like
Dinoflagelate cames to mind.
Does this sound like an insect
larvae?       I did see a small
flying insect hovering around
while I was catching the MOsquito
for my fish.       Not a bug I am
used to seeing.
I wonder if it is an Autumn insect.
temps ranging 40-80 the last couple
fo weeks.

Joanna, LMD              Kansas,  US