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RE:Microworms in grindal worm box--V3 #260

Dear Tomoko,

Firstly, I think your original post on how to isolate grindals from the
introduced microworms is just the type of challenge that many of us here
like to think about.  Also many of us (for sure I am) at risk for the same
problem, so please share any successes you have with separating the two.

Here is my idea:

I use plastic strainers from the cheapo kitchen implements store to separate
grindal worms from any debris.  The plastic mesh is 1-millimeter squares.  I
place the strainer across a bowl full of water so that the strainer is full
of water and the bottom of the strainer is at least two inches above the
bottom of the bowl.  My purpose is always to use the cleaned worms that have
fallen to the bottom of the bowl.

There are always many worms that get interwoven in the mesh and do not fall
through.  Since microworms also sink, PERHAPS if microworms were present
they would have all fallen through, and the grindal worms still in the
strainer after say 20 minutes would be microworm free.  Also, the strainer
could be gently lifted and lowered into a new bowl for additional
opportunity for the microworms to drop.

Did you try this type of separation yet?

Good luck.