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Re: Grindal Worm Bedding

Tomoko ---

What are the grindal worms like when they cover the entire surface of the
bedding?  If they are starting to die off, then it is an indication that you've
suffered a population explosion of the worms, and they don't have sufficient air
for all to survive (the worms breathe oxygen, the bacteria in the medium breathe
oxygen, and in the presence of large amounts of fool and worms, there is a lot
of bacteria).  I've had this happen to me, and within a matter of hours, a
reexamination of the culture indicated that many of the worms had died!  The
only way I've been able to minimize this is to harvest heavily when the
population explodes, and to cut back on the food until I've harvested enough
worms to bring the population down (rather than letting them die in the medium
to reduce the population).