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Microworm infestation

Thank you for the help, guys!

The microworms in my grindal box  is definitely
microworms, because I accidentally introduced them in
the grindal box when I moistened the drying media by
squirting aquarium water using the same pipette I just
used to feed microworms to apistogrammas.  Up until I
did this, my grindal worm bedding was microworm free
for a long time.  My main problem before was
overfeeding and a subsequent mold development.  Grindal
worms were very productive back then.  I could see a
lot of baby ones among varying sized larger ones.

Another way I could tell the difference between the two
is the color.  The microworms in my box are not as
white as baby grindals.  They are creamy colored -
closer to flesh color when there are a lot of them.

Microworms takes a while to get going strong in the box
but eventually they win over the grindals.  They don't
smell bad like a rotting oatmeal culture.  I have to
renew my oatmeal based microworm cultures every week in
the summer time to keep them from having a bad odor.
The microworms in the peatmoss/soil might be good as
lazy person's culture or as holding bed when your fish
are not breeding.