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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #233

>From: Paul Dean <pauldean at paradise_net.nz>
>Subject: Mime-Version: 1.0
>I am growing artemia.  I am also growing micro algae in outdoor seawater 
>ponds.  The dominat algae looks similar to tetraselmis, approx 20um long 
>and in concentrations of approx 200 000 per mL.
>I would like to know the optimum consumption rates of algae per artemia per 
>day, so that I can calculate how much algae solution to add to my Artemia 
>tanks each day.
>If anyone has this information for any algal species and the size of the 
>algae I would be grateful.

My suggestion would be to obtain a copy of THE PLANKTON CULTURE MANUAL by Hoff and Snell. It is available from Florida Aqua Farms.

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