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Re: Detergents (was LFD V3 #159

Hello Tomoko,

Unfortunately, not all detergents are created equal! Some are almost
benign, other quite toxic, particularly to invertebrates. But that does
not help you much!

Not knowing your exact situation, I am going to tell you what I would do
in analogous circumstances:

After rinsing the container in tap water (assuming your tap water is OK)
I would fill the container to the brim and let it stand overnight, then
empty it.

Fill it with water you going to keep your Daphnia in add a bit of food
and a FEW Daphnia. If the Daphnia are OK after, say, 2-3 days, then the
container can be assumed to be "Daphnia safe".

Good luck!


> Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 13:16:50 -0600
> From: "Tomoko Schum" <tomokoschum at earthlink_net>
> Subject: Washing the container for daphnia
> Hi everyone,
> Can anyone tell me how to clean the container for
> daphnia?  Is it OK to wash the container for
> daphnia with a dishwashing detergent or in the
> dishwasher?
> Last year when my son got several eggs of large
> sea monkey like crustaceans (the one that grow up
> to be 2 inches long) in a kit, the instruction
> said that their container can not be washed with
> any detergent or soap.  After growing them to
> about 1 inch size, the water got so filthy, we
> moved them to another container.  Unfortunately
> the container was washed with dishwashing liquid
> previously and all the crustaceans died.
> Since I do not want to repeat that tragedy, I have
> been keeping my new daphnia cultures in tall food
> grade containers that the supermarket uses for
> selling a peeled/cored pineapple.  However, I
> would like to move them into the larger containers
> that I have on hand.  But the containers have been
> washed with a dishwashing detergent.  I am hoping
> that daphnia is not going to be as sensitive as
> the large sea monkey like creatures.  Brine shrimp
> do not seem to mind a container washed in
> dishwashing detergent.  I hope someone on the list
> can tell me how to clean/prepare the container for
> daphnia.
> TIA,
> Tomoko