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daphnia and moina culture

I want to send 2 web site's papers on raising daphnia and moina.  Interesting 
is that it seems that one can get 3 times the weight of moina from the same 
size container.

the 2 sites are:



I think everyone interested in this topic will like these.  the first one has 
the info in one of the appendix at the end.  you can download the appendix 

the first is by the epa or federal government on using daphnia to test water 
samples.  and therefore they need to raise the daphnia very carefully.

the second is from the university of florida.  and seems to favor moina 
strongly for use to raise small fish.  florida has a fairly large fish farm 
industry.  so my feelings are that I would tend to go along with them.  they 
claim that moina should give about 3 to 4 times the weight of food per day 
compared to a daphnia culture.  ( see page 3)

let me know what you think of these.  I personally have had a difficult time 
trying to keep wild daphnia going as a long term culture.  so I am looking 
for help also.  my feelings agree also that there is very little production 
per day.

George Arndt
harvard, MA