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Re: worm escapees, bucket cages, microworm temperatures.

One thing you might do to keep earthworms from escaping, is to set your
culture containers on a bed of gravel so that they won't go far. It's a good
idea to make 5 gallon bucket cages with screening on the sides and in the
lid for ventilation and not only keeping the worms in, but vermin out.
Buckets with this design are also great for culturing feeder roaches,
confused flour beetles, and other live foods. A book on pet and feeder
roaches with details on building bucket cages is available from the
scientific supply houses. It's Allpet Roaches, by O. McMonigle. Rodents will
eat worms, and a type of fly will lay its eggs on worms. The hatching maggot
will parasitize the worm.

I have kept microworm cultures in very warm conditions, in the ninties, and
they grow very fast. Of course, since they are producing a lot more worms,
they are also producing more waste, and new cultures have to be started up
more frequently in warm weather.