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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #29

Hello Jeremy,

You are probably right on both counts:

There are probably more that one or two species of Cladocerans (the
family of crustaceans that Daphnia belong to) living in the same body of
water. They usually "bloom" at different times of the year, so in the
Summer you are likely to collect a different species then in the Winter.
Many species "bloom" more than once a year.

Some species will give you a resonable yield all year around, provided
that you harvest them often and not let the culture buid up to dense and
crash. Populatuion management is very important in efficient culturing!



> Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 02:25:43 -0800
> From: Jeremy Adams <killifish at home_com>
> Subject: Daphnia
> A while back I posted about how I was having trouble with my 55 gallon
> daphnia tank. I had a humongous growth of green water yet all my daphnia
> died. It actually wasn't dead but I could collect 5-10 daphnia for 5
> minutes effort once a month. This was a wild daphnia that I had
> collected locally. I was wondering if I had introduced a predator. I
> never found a predator so I reseeded my tank from the same collection
> location. They are now thriving and doing great. Better then it ever has
> before. I am wondering though, my first collection was during the
> summer, the last during the winter. I am wondering if there are 2
> different species at my collection site. The ones that thrive during the
> winter may be more suited to life in my aquarium. Just a guess any way.
> Jeremy