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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #28

> New Brine Shrimp
 > I just hatched my first batch.  I want to condition a pair of Apistos,
but the
> Tetras should enjoy the treat also.  My questions are:
> 1.  What should I do to grow the BS?

Just after hatching, brine shrimp still have a store of yolk. This stored
energy and nutrition is what makes them so valuable as food, over and above
the feeding response of the fish when they see their food moving. There are
things like Secon that can be fed to baby brine shrimp to improve that
nutrition, but using up the brine shrimp quickly while they are naturally
loaded with yolk is my first option.

> 2.  Do I move them out of the 2 liter bottle?  Into what?

There is a lot of information on raising brine shrimp in the archives. (See

> 3.  There are way more than the fish can eat in a few feedings.  How do I
> the rest alive in the meantime?

They can be fed green water and rotifers and foods prepared for brine
shrimp, but they increase in size and are soon no longer an optimal size for
smaller fry.

> 4.  I've thought about freezing the surplus.  Any suggestions for this?

Good idea. Freeze as quickly as possible in a little bit of fresh water
after rinsing and separating the shells. Put them in a very thin layer in a
ziplock baggie.