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Raising Brine Shrimp

Hi all,

I am new to the list and to the raising of live food as well. I raise African 
Cichlids and am interested in raising brine shrimp (mainly the larvae) to 
feed to my fish. I have read an article on the web about using bleach to 
accelerating the decapsulation of the cyst. That is what I would then feed to 
the fry correct?? I would also try to raise some to adulthood for my adult 
fish and my goldfish. Is this a hard process?

I purchased an inexpensive kit that uses a 2 liter bottle for hatching and 
some not so inexpensive O.S.I. eggs. Any tips that any one can provide would 
be greatly appreciated.

If raising them to adults is too complicated, are the freeze-dried almost as 
good? I read some where that the drying process does something to the shell 
that makes them hard to digest. With cichlids being prone to intestinal 
problems, I would hate to add another element to that dilema. I have some San 
Francisco Bay brand in the freezer. Is that considered a good brand?

Thanks in advance for the help,