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Re: Cloudy Water

Lee_Michaels at jackson_cc.mi.us (Lee Michaels) wrote:
> HELP!!! I recently discovered that my DIY CO2 had back siphoned into my
> tank. Not very much got in there, but couldn't see anything. I immediately
> did a 50% water change. I added an air stone because it looked like my
> fish were forcefully breathing.

I did this about a month ago.  50% water changes for 4 days cleared up
the problem.  I think the yeast in the water induces a bacterial bloom.
It didn't seem to be particularly harmful to my tank.  It even killed
alot of algea :-).  I think the key is to catch it quickly.  If too
much alcohol gets in from the yeast mixture, it hurts the fish.  I'd
say, keep the air stone going, discontinue fertilization and CO2, and
keep up daily water changes.  It worked for me.