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RE: Cloudy Water

Hi Lee,

This happened to me as well. I've heard that people have added a product called
Algae Destroyer to the tank, followed by significant water changes 2 to 3 days
later. They claimed it works well with minimal effect on the plants (provided
the water changes are performed).

I was very reluctant to use this product, but my battle with the yeasty beasties
was becoming desperate. Instead,  I went out a bought a UV sterilizer from my
local supplier. I allowed the sterilizer to run for about 3 days and then
performed a 50% water change. The water cleared up significantly and stayed
clear (unlike previous water changes when the cloudy water returned). Two
additional water changes 3 days apart returned the water to a crystal clear
state. I know the UV sterilizer is a rather expensive piece of hardware for a
freshwater tank, but I guess I will not have to worry about green water anymore.
Hope this helps.

Ottawa, Canada