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Worms in substrate

Hi all, recently I have discovered a few worms in my substrate after I
started feeding tubifex worms. These are red in color (slightly brighter red
than tubifex), each about 2-3 cm long, slightly flattened along its length
and glides on solid surface (instead of wriggling like a tubifex). The head
is tapered like a flatworm, and when you cut it into 2, you simply get 2
smaller worms. All my fishes and shrimps does'nt seem to like it as they
would spit it out immediately after a few bite. They were normally seen at
night beneath the substrate against the side of my tank. Would someone
please give it an id ? Is it parasitic? (so far there are no casualty, but I
am a little worried) And if so, is there any treatment that is plant-, fish-
and shrimp-safe ? 

Chee Pang