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Re: 3 foot T-8's???

M.G. at msg at laol_net wrote:

> Hello Everyone-
> With the current thread about T-8 and T-12's going on, I have a question.
> I definitely agree that T-8's are the in-bulb.  Can anyone offer a
> suggestion of sources for T-8's of the 3 foot variety (other than pet
> stores of course).  I am currently using Aqua-Glo & Sun-Glo in a dual strip
> hood.  I had to mail order them (still cheaper than LFS!).  I was just
> wondering about the availability of 3 foot T-8's which may be available
> under a non-aquarium product type name, which I may be able to find at a
> common nationwide type store?
> Thanks,
> Mike G.   

I have seen 25 watt T8s at both Lowe's and Home Depot here in Nashville, but
only cool whites. To get a warmer bulb I had to go to industrial lighting
suppliers. The bulb I wanted, a Phillips TL950, was nowhere to be found,
although one supplier found 11 of them in some distribution warehouse in
Mississippi that could be shipped in two weeks. Being the immediate
gratification slob that I am, I settled for some GE SPX41s, which I found at
Graingers for about $9 each.

Look in the phone book under Lighting Suppliers. Even if they say "wholesale
only" they may still sell to you. I got my Motorola electronic ballast from
the same supplier that was selling semi trailer loads of supplies to the
electrical contractors putting lights in the new football stadium.

Dan Dixon