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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1396

> >
> > Maybe this is a case for a little detective work.  I believe your water is
> > softer than mine.  I wonder if R. wallachii grown under some conditions is
> > more palatable than others.  Can anyone else who has had experience one way
> > or the other chime in with their water conditions?  Barring that, we get
> > back to the old question, are all "SAE's" actually the same fish?<g>
> >

> > Except that I've seen Steve's tank, and I know his plants are in good
> > condition.  _AND_ I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that his SAE's
> > are the same as mine.  So SOMETHING else must explain the differences we
> > ware seeing.
> >
> > Karen

I've had the same SAEs and stand of R. wallachii in the same tank with
the same fish for a couple of years.  Some times the SAEs eat the plants
(and no others) and some times they don't.  Right now the plants are
flourishing, growing rapidly with little if any evidence of nibbling. 
The only thing that I'm doing differently of late is to drastically
reduce the amount of RO right (to practically 0) and baking soda being
added to the RO water only tank.  The resultant stable water conditions
are very soft 27uS (micro siemens) with a current ph of 5.33.  The
plants and fish, discus, apistos and rams, seem to love it.

So my money is on total dissolved solids as the to eat or not to eat

Ed Hengel