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CyA glue for java fern

As if aquariums aren'tm expensive enough, I took on another hobby.  I
build Radio Controlled Airplanes.  They are mainly  balsa wood, and we
use alot of Cyanoacrilate glue.  aka "super glue".   The glue in its
liquid form can be toxic, i believe.  the real risk would be from gluing
you lips together trying to get the cap off.  When the glue cures, by
chemical reaction, It becomes a non toxic polymer that shouldn't hurt
the aquarium inhabitatns.  There have been rumblings in the past of it
producing a form of cyanide gas if heated above, I think, about 415
farenheidt.  This should not be a problem.  The boiling point of water
is 212 F. So, inorder to reach 415 you would have to vaporize the
water.  This would certainly be detrimental to the fish and plants long
before the cyanide gas would be a problem.  I can testify to the
non-toxic nature of the cured product, as I have eaten probably more
than my fair share.  Chewing if off your hands after and "incident" is a
good form of removal, but nail polish remover works well also.  also the
glue has no effect on your sense of humor,  mine was terible before I
ever used the stuff.