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RE:java fern

> > Has anyone ever tried using "superglue" (cyanoacrylate) to attach java
>  fern to rocks?  I haven't done it yet, but was gonna try.  I don't want 
>  a mess if someone already knows that it won't work.  Thanks.
>  I have used a Arrow T-50 staplegun with great success.  After the plants
>  have successfully attached to the driftwood, you remove the staples with
>  forceps or pliers.  It took my plants about a month to get a roothold. 
>  have tried it on rocks but it does not work very well.  :-)
why?  why go through all this trouble?

i have grown tons of JF and have distributed to lots of people.  i just use 
shells, a small pebble or rock to weigh it down and it will attach itself 
the wood or rocks.  or you can try a paper clip to hold it down.<

I suppose you could use most anything to secure it, but I havnt had much 
luck getting the roots of Java fern to really adhere to anything...the 
plants end up just kinda laying on top of the object...not like anubias 
which seems to cement itself to rocks or wood! I would be leary of using 
super glue or any kind of glue that could release toxins in the water, and 
metals that will rust. I have used stainless steel wire which works well 
for me.

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