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Potassium and CF Lighting (CF vs T5)

>Here are some data from Sylvania catalog
>Compact Fl. lamp (Dulux-L), 40W, T5, CCT=4100K, CRI=82, length=22.6",
Initial >lumens=3150
>Similar lamp - 55W - 4800Lm
>Pentron High output T-5 39W, 36" 4100K, CRI=82, 3500 Lm
>Octron 700 series lamp 40W, T-8, 60" length, CCT=4100K, CRI=75, 3550 Lm,
>Octron 800 series lamp 40W, T-8, 60" length, CCT=4100K, CRI=82, 3775 Lm,
>As you can see, T-8 is more efficient. T-5 has same efficiency as T8. T12
- >sucks. Compact fluorescent has less efficiency then T5/T8.....but, don't
>forget that they compact. Both tubes block each other. I don't have a
software >with me now  to estimate light loss, but I can do it tomorrow. I
think bended >T-5/T-8 would yeild same efficiency as compact fluorescent


I spent some time on computer. Efficiency of bended T5 tube (or two T5
tubes) placed at distance of 0.2-0.3" apart equals to 87-89%. This gives
(T5/T8 = 3500-3800 Lm) for PC output: 3050 - 3300 Lm (exactly as catalog
value). Therefore, lower lumen output in case of Power Compact can be
explained by blocking light by each tube. E-mail me, if you need details.

who design wierd optics around weird lamps