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Re: Hope for MTS sufferers

> Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 20:06:32 EST
> From: IDMiamiBob at aol_com
> Subject: Re: Hope for MTS sufferers
> Wright Huntley points out:
> > A less drastic method works for simple overpopulation control. A saucer with
> >  meat (maybe a deshelled shrimp tail?) placed in at lights out will be
> loaded
> >  with them in the AM. Just lift it out and toss them in your daphnia tank.
> >  Eventually a few will show up on the glass at first light and can be
> removed
> >  manually. Watch that overfeeding in the future and they will never
> >  overpopulate again.
> I don't want population control.  I want them gone.  Every last one of them.

The original posting didn't sound that way. It was given as a visibility

The acid treatment only takes care of the gravel. Better soak those plants
in some strong copper solution if you want elimination, or tiny babies
hiding in them will quickly repopulate your tank. Even that may not work,
for MTS have a trapdoor they slam closed when chlorine bleach, etc. is used
on them. It may take a long time and nearly kill the plants to really get
rid of them.

If the acid fizzing you mentioned happens with your gravel in the absence of
any snails, it is the reason your "soft" water isn't doing them in. A lot of
aquarium gravel contains limestone or shell chips that provide a good source
of shell material for the snails, while only slowly hardening your water.
Down in the substrate, the GH will be far higher.


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