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Film on water surface


> For about a week I have had a white film on the surface of my 55 gallon
tank.  I
> strain it off with a fine mesh net, but it keeps coming back. The tank has
> 3w/gal fluorescent lighting and DIY co2. It is fairly heavily planted.
> I recently began feeding the fish (11 small ones) dried krill. Could the
> be oil from the krill?

Dragging a piece of newsprint over the surface should pick up most of the
film.  I don't know a thing about krill-oil, but have learned a thing or two
about algae.  With high lighting such as yours, it's difficult to get the
nutrient balance just right.  Just about anything out of whack can
contribute top algae blooms.  Your white film could be a form of green
water, as I think mine was.  You might consider cutting your light back a
bit, or reducing your photoperiod until you've figure it out.

michael rubin 
mrubin at visa_com
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