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>The Potomac Valley Aquarium Society will be hosting its fall workshop and
>auction this weekend at the Quality Suites-Shady Grove in Gaithersburg,
>Maryland.  Speakers at the Saturday workshop include Ray "Kingfish" Lucas
>(Fish Nutrition), Rosario LaCorte (Collecting in Brazil)

You just *DON'T* want to miss this for the world. Rosario is
about 80, looks 60 and has slides of fish from 40 years ago
that aren't around today. He's bred just about every fish on
the planet and collected extensivley and is an absilutley
wonderful story teller and a helluva nice guy to boot. The
man is a legend, don't miss out on a chance to hear and meet
him, ever.

Richard J. Sexton                                         richard at aquaria_net
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