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>I have manufacturer's data (Philips's Lamp Specification and Application 
>Guide), but I dunno how much info you really want.  All of these specs will 
>be with the new 835 phosphor because it is available in all sizes.  The 840 
>and 850 phosphors produce the same lumens per watt as 835.  Linear T5 lamps 
>have an efficiency of up to 105 lumens/watt, but I've never actually seen one.
>F40T12 lamps in the SPEC35 series produce 3200 lumens (80/w) and the 34w 
>"econowatt" equivalent produces 2800 lumens (82/w).  This is a lot better 
>than the old "cool white", which I can't find good data for anymore for 4' 

Try calling GE and asking for it. I've got it from them years ago, they
should still
have it.

So, bottom line, 80 l/w for T12's 100 l/w for good T8's. Problem is
the cost of t8's compared to the high volume produced T12's is so
much higher that it's usually cheaper to just add another T12 rather
than switch to t8's. Something like 90% of all fluoro tubes made
are T12 - thats an economy of scale you can't fight.

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