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Cloudy water


I used DIV CO2 (one bottle) half full with aprx 3
bubbles per min. It is possible that very small amount
of solution got in the water.
I started to do 50% water changes nothing changes. I
measured NO2 it was 0. Then I cleaned my filter.
recommended me to add Tetra FloraPride. After that
water started become even more cloudy with slight

Here is what  I did:
1.Chaged 50% of the water.
2.Dissconected CO2
3.Added Algae destroyer solution.

After 2 days water started to clear.

I read somewhere that not only P can stimulate algea
grows but also Fe.

I just bought water purifier and I am going to change
50% of water without adding any fertilizers and see
how it is going to effect algae.

Thanks, Bob


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