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Breeding yamato shrimp


I am wondering if anyone on the list has bred yamato shrimp.  I currently
have at least 4 egg carying females who has no less than 100 eggs each.
This is in day #3 that i've noticed them.  The mothers seems to be in very
good health, eating a rich and variety diet, active and of the entire
population I have no noticed any that has died, I have seen sheddings
laying around the bottom tho. 

What I believe has induced spawning was about 4 days ago I added some
nanoplankton algae paste to this tank.  Since this addition the yamato
seems to have brightened up abit and they are a little more active.  With
luck i'll be able to raise the larvae to adulthood.  

Again I would like to hear any reports that others may have regarding this