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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1383

>Subject: CustomSeaLife PowerCompact Lighting
>Does anybody have experience with using the PowerCompact Hoods from
>CustomSeaLife on planted fresh-water tanks (as advertised in Pet
>Warehouse catalog)? For a 125 gallon tank I was using the Perfecto 36"
>SHOLights to get the extra wattage but since they were recalled it put
>me back to square one again trying to get more wattage. If yes, any
>recommendation on the bulbs for it, I see that they typically have 6700K
>& 7100K Blue 55 96 Watt lamps available for my type of application.
>Any available info that can be provided would be appreciated. Thanks.

Get the 6700k bulbs only. I tried both set ups and found the 6700k's did a
much better job with many plants. The blue reef bulbs don't do much and
don't grow the plants that well as nothing but the 6700k's(I had a 55watt
7100k and a 6700k then switched to 2x6700k). Add a 5400k bulb if you can
find them also but 6700k's by themselves certainly do a super job. I also
use a Hamilton fixture and am very happy with both and there's not much
difference except Hamilton is cheaper most times. I believe
www.reefpacific.com has the best prices for retrofits from many mail order
places. 215$ 36" for 2 x 96w retro kit. Worldwidepetsupply.com has good
prices on full hoods too. They'll  also give a choice of bulb color and how
many bulbs in a specified length of hood (4(599.99) or 6 (769.99)bulbs x for
a 72" long hood). I got the 6x96watt
hood with 6700k's and it's very nice and very bright.

If your handy or know someone who is... you can build a very nice unit from
AH supply for alot less than CSL/Hamilton sells them. All you need is a nice
box to hold the lights in and put it all together.
They sell all the bulbs too.

Tom Barr