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bubble eyed goldfish

Hi all,

a fish question--we need a fish list also ;)  anyways...I bought a bubble eyed goldfish to go in my 10 gallon tank.  He stands vertical on his head a lot and at times *bumps* into the plants, and rocks in the tank.  at feeding time, he swims to the top to get the food, but it almost appears that his body is too heavy for him and it is an effort for him to swin up to the top.  He doesn't stand on his head all the time...most times he
lays on the bottom....but I have a feeling he is *not right* and wondered if this is normal for this type of fish, or if he is sick.  I have had him for a week now...no other signs of illness.  and all the water/tank parameters are fine...including temp @ 68-72 degrees.

Thanks, kelly