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Aquarium Frontiers

Bailin Shaw wrote:

>I have been intrigued about the discussion about the planted discus tank.  I 
>believe that AF is Aquarium Frontiers, correct? 


>I've searched all over town 
>and can't seem to find a copy of the magazine.  I was wondering if you might 
>be able to send a copy of the article or give some pointers on running a 
>planted discus tank.  

That's because you don't have to run all over town looking for it.<g>  It's
an on-line magazine.  You can find the current issue plus all archives at

>I currently have a 55G discus tank with plants and 
>will be upgrading the light, adding a Fluval 404, and hopefully adding a CO2 
>tank to allow the plants to thrive.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.

Check out the archives of my columns at the AF web site.  I think you'll
find more advice from me than you ever wanted ;-)