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Test Kits

Andy wrote:

>I can`t really see the point of buying a test kit if it is difficult to
>read - perhaps I should change to eg. LaMotte like my Fe kit. I`m not quite
>as experienced as you Karen at looking at the plants and guessing what may
>be wrong with them.

My point though, is that whether your test kit reads .1 ppm or .2 ppm, the
likelihood it is too high if you have an algae problem.  It doesn't MATTER
which it is. (.1 or .2)  You need to start looking at what else may be out
of whack.  Is your nitrate level unreadable?  If so, adding some nitrate
will probably force your PO4 level down.  Is your nitrate level high?  Then
you probably have too many fish for the plant growth to handle, or you are
feeding too much.  Knowing whether the PO4 level is .1 or .2 isn't going to
change what it is, and it's not going to solve the problem.  And you can
_still_ track your progress just by comparison, without knowing an absolute