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>I heard that many people use tap water purifiers.I'd
>like to know what brand
>would be the best one.The one I saw in Petland was
>about $40 and you have to
>change media every 50-150 gal,media costs about
>$24.Thanks in advance for
>any suggestions.
If you think you need it use a carbon filter by itself. These replacements
will cost you far less and are found at hardware stores such as Home Depot
etc...........I think I got mine for about 2.50 each and they last about a
month depending on use. They have refillable cartiages that you can fill
with super carbon or deion resins or whatever. Petland and their distributer
is looking for a sucker.........like bottled filtered water for 1.28$ for a
20oz bottle.

I think it depends on what you want to remove more than anything.
Disinfectants like Chlorine use Amquel or a carbon filter, removing hardness
use RO or Deionizers, etc..........there are many things you may or may not
want to remove. I'm lucky and don't need to remove much except the Chlorine
in my tap. You need to find out what it is you have and what you want to
remove out then proceed.
Tom Barr           In Marin,CA were the rain is sprouting up the portobello