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Update: **Compact Fluorescent Lighting Kits**

Hello fellow green thumb aquarium activists (some more than others),

All this talk about lights has made me want to update my system.  So on the 
advice of many of you, I gave Aquarium Hobbyist Supply a go in the form of a 
2 x 13 watt 6400K retrofit for my bedside 10 gallon baby tears and 
glossostigma tank.  WOW, the retrofit really adds a beautiful color and seems 
extremely bright.  The plants have really taken to the increase of wattage by 
growing noticeably everyday.  Following the provided instructions, I took the 
18 inch fluorescent bulb and ballast out and put the provided new ballasts 
(2) in with the new compacts bulbs (2 x 13).  It was so easy to do and only 
cost me $30.92 including shipping/handling with the two bulbs.  So easy in 
fact, I decided to update my fully planted 125 gallon tank with A H supply's 
96 watt retrofit.  This system included one 12 ounce solid-state electronic 
ballast (8.5"L x 1.7"W x 1"H); one 34.5 inch long, multi-angle MIRO 4 
polished aluminum reflector; one 4-pin GY10q socket; two steel bulb holders; 
one grounding power cord; wirenuts, splice taps and screws needed for 
installation; optional-use pop-in vent covers, snap bushing, cord strain 
relief bushing, cord clamp and threaded nylon spacers; ballast operation 
information and wiring diagram; and 96 watt 6700K compact fluorescent bulb.  
This system cost me $107.93 for the entire setup including shipping/handling, 
and the bulb.  I'm so excited about the ease and cost, not to mention the 
visual impact on my aquarium, that I will update the other half of my 125 
gallon tank with 96 more watts in the near future (for a grand total of 432 
watts).  Also, one thing I forgot to mention, the retrofit seated neatly into 
my current 36 inch 30 watt strip.  The half of the aquarium with the CF is so 
much more vibrant looking and the plants are sending upward streams of 
bubbles at an incredible rate.  Every one should check into updating their 
setups with A H Supply before starting over with an expensive new light set 
up from one of those really high tech companies.  Here is the web site and 
talk to Kim, who is very approachable and helpful:  <A 
HREF="http://www.ahsupply.com/">Aquarium Hobbyist Supply</A>