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Re: CO2 diffusion devices

Someone was wondering about the different ceramic appliances on the market
for CO2 diffusion:

1. Eheim CO2 diffuser - available thru Dave Gomberg or from the major Mail
Order companies. Great for smaller sized tanks.

2. Dupla CO2 atomizer - available from Dupla U.K. (at least for those of us
north of the 49th Parallel). Better made and with a larger ceramic disc than
the Eheim - slightly more expensive. Effective up to about 40 U.S. gallons.

3. ADA CO2 Pollen Glass and CO2 Beetle - a whole RANGE of different sizes
available. VERY beautifully made, and VERY expensive. Nobody has picked up
the line in North America following the close of Art's company. North
Americans must just be too damned cheap to deserve this level of quality....

4. Point Four Systems Inc. - makes a line of ceramic diffusers originally
intended for the diffusion of Oxygen in commercial aquaculture operations.
These are designed to produce micro-fine bubbles which should be suitable
for CO2 diffusion. They are available direct from Point Four

5. Aquarium Landscapes (a division of Fish-Vet) has advertized in FAMA
(November, 199 issue - pages58-59) and sells what at least from the
photograph a device which appears to be a close copy of the ADA pollen glass
diffusers. How well this works or costs is unknown to me. No web-site, and
an e-mail to the company did not get any useful information, only an offer
of "free gifts" if I could persuade a local LFS to carry the line. May now
be available from the major Mail Order companies.

As far as I can tell, at least from my experience with the Eheim, Dupla and
ADA products, they ALL require maintenance periodically (cleaning of the
ceramic disc). Nothing is EVER maintenance free...

James Purchase