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I've been looking for this plant for a long time. Well, I found it today,
not at a store or a anything that has to do with $. I found some about 2
feet above sea level and about 200 yards from a beach next to the pacific
ocean. This lagoon has at least 9 species some of which are very
The Crassula aquatica has a beautiful leaf like Pearl grass(Hemianthus sp.)
except even smaller. They were growing in nice clumps about 6-10inches under
water in sandy soil(it is next to a beach). Temp was 61F,kh 5, ph 7.4, Time
of day 2pm, NO3 = 0. Clumps were about 8-16 inches in diameter typically
round in shape about 3-4 inches tall. Another unusual thing about this
locality is it has at least 9 species of aquatic plants that are thriving. A
with reddish *older* leaves(the new ones are green), a Potamogeton,
something that I haven't ID'd yet that looks like an Aponogeton but with red
leaves(elliptical 1-to 3/4inch wide and 2 1/2 tpo 4 inches long) that are
natant typically and are rosette. The flower looks like a typical Aponogeton
but shorter in length.
Tom Barr