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Re: APD #1369 "Lighting decision"

PGagne2000 at aol_com sez:
>     The compact flourescent kits from AH Supply cost $70 each (I would need 
>  two).  The setup would use four bulbs, and I could mix and match between 
>  40, and 55 watt bulbs of varying temp. ratings.  Bulbs cost from $16 to 
>  each, call the total around$225.  This provides up to 220 watts of light.
>      The tank is 36" wide by 24" tall by 18" front-to-back, so room on top 
>  should not be an issue. 

How about two of AHS's 96W kits?  I think they are 36" long, and you would 
only need two lamps and two ballasts.  It would be a lot cleaner set-up; not 
sure if it would be any cheaper.  You also might want to consider a 96W kit 
plus a 2x36W kit.  36W compact fluorescent lamps are readily available in 
4100K from commercial lighting suppliers.  The 36W lamps are 16.5" long, so 
two of them end-to-end would fit nicely on a 36" tank.

best regards,