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Re: Algae


In all honestly the single sollution that did the *most* good was #3 ;)
#1 and #2 are more of a trivial matter.  Unfiltered tap water allows more
of the nasties to enter the tank can potentially cause more problems
later.  Phosphate removing resins are usually a short term effect.  Key
being you should look for the source of the phosphates i.e. over feeding,
over stocking, over fertilizing, etc..


Subject: Algae

After battling algae for years, I finally have it under control.
Fiddling with CO2 rates, fertilizer doses or reducing light
didn't help. Here is what I did:

1. stopped using un-filtered tap water. Started using water
   filtered through a faucet mounted PUR filter.

2. Added Seachem Renew to the filter cannister. It supposedly controls

3. Added more Japonca shrimp, and added a couple of false SAEs.