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Re: CO2 and anabantoids

> Now, back to my theory.  The law of partial pressures states in a
> nutshell, "The gasses in a given container will be evenly distributed
> through out."  This is why there is no cloud around a smoker.  The smoke
> seeks to make a balance with all other gasses in the room

     My name is Leah Neuhauser, I've been on the list reading the posts for
a couple weeks.   I'm no chemistry expert, so there is the chance that I
will be wrong, but I was just thinking about Dalton's law of partial
     In a closed container, with only CO2, the CO2 would expend to fill the
container.  In a closed container, with air, and CO2 added, with nothing to
mix the gases, the CO2 would go to the bottom of the container because it is
denser that the rest of the air.  If you were to stir up the gases in the
container, then Dalton's law would hold true, and each gas would take up the
same amout of space, and exert the same amount of pressure on each side of
the container.
    There is a cave in Italy, La Grotte de Cane, that has a level of CO2 on
the bottom.  A man can walk in the cave with a dog, and the man will be
fine, but because of the CO2 buildup on the cave floop, the dog will not
survive.  This seems to be the worry in the anabantoid tank, and I don't
know if it is somthing to worry about or not.  But it is possible for CO2 to
build up towards the bottom of a container because it is denser than the
surrounding gases.
    Ok, I hope what I've said is accurate.  I would hate to mislead someone!
    Leah_Neuhauser at brown_edu