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Re: CO2 loading on the surface of water

Ivan Trail writes:

> One question first:  Why would anyone put a tightly sealed cover over
>  their tank?  I personally have never seen a pond or lake in the wild
>  covered in this manner.  Maybe there is a reason I don't know of.  If so
>  please tell me.

My tank lids are as tight as I can get them for three reasons.
   One, less dust can land in the tank.
   Two, and more importantly, I can run two months without topping off my 
55-gallon tank, and the water level doesn't drop even a quarter of an inch.  
This keeps hardness constant.  If it were a saltwater tank, total dissolved 
solids concentration is so critical that it demands constant monitoring.  
With a tight lid, this maintenance is minimized.
   Three, fish can find little, itty-bitty holes to jump through when they 
decide to go AWOL.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator