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Re: Identifying plants collected in the wild [USA]

Hi Kumar & Roger,

Senthil Kumar wrote:
> > Last week I was going along a stream in Colorado and collected two
> > plants growing in that stream. I thought that one of them was Cabomba,
> > but on further looking after reaching home it was evident that it was not.
> > Another one, I have no idea. Both of them seem to be growing well in my
> > tank. Both are stem plants.

and Roger wrote:
> Your plant that looks a little like Cabomba, but isn't may be a
> Myriophyllum sp..  There are several native Myriophyllums.

I'd also take a shot at this... the Limnophila sessiliflora also looks
like a Cabomba but according to Tropica, it originates from South-East